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Monday, 19 November 2012

Google Friendly Usage of Powerpro Indexer Software

First let me go through some of the basic's of the software
to get you up and running quickly.. 

First off  ,  we will like to inform  all user  a known compatibility issue 
with a product called 'comodo' which blocks the smart 
threading component in the software from running.. 

This means if your running comodo then the software will
not run.. ( we do not wish to disappoint customer ) 

Power Indexer Pro at USD 3-00  with charity drive promotion

Installing the software : Power Indexer Pro 

When you set up the software on vista or windows 7/8
you must
 install by right clicking the setup.exe and
choosing the 
'run as admin' option to setup the
permissions correctly.

Once installed you can load sites and keywords in 2 ways
1) via file using the 'load file' toolbar option.
you must create a text file with a .txt extension and
add the data to the file in the following format:
if your adding keywords ie.    wii games and ps3 games you
would use the [TITLE]# tag. 
Each url is added 1 per line and with the http at the start
ie.. filename = myfile.txt
the content would be :
[TITLE]#wii games'ps3 games
You can also select a list of urls and copy them to the 
windows clipboard and paste them directly in. These urls
must also start with http 
Running the software


Add your urls + keyword title. 
Now click the 'Index MY Links' Button to start the 2 stage indexing process.. 

one button click and the software will do both.

Let me go through some helpful hint and tips to enable
you to best use the software...

The software can be used both on your main domains and
also sub domains.. but when using the software, dont use
more than 3-400 links at a time when running the data
through your connections..

for lesser connections I would recommend running
around 75 urls at a time.

Indexing your links:
day 1 -> run the 2 stage pinger + indexer
day 14 -> re-run the same urls through run the 2 stage pinger + indexer

Then for each url run through power indexer once a month from
that point on if your needing a quick re-boost.
Note you can also add in and index rss feeds..

( Usefulness of  RSS feed ) 

Rss feeds are a form of article / link syndication that are widely used
within blogs, article directories and web 2.0 sites.
But why use these?
well, if you submit your rss feeds to rss directories,
then the articles in the feed you submit will will get
scraped and syndicated to other websites and if
these articles contain your links..

You effectively get free links to your web site with
virtually zero effort!!

I believe you may now be thinking 'but how can i use
these for my links'? Yes? No?
Well that is easy, we create rss feeds from our links and
submit the rss feed we create to rss directories. We use
a free service called html2rss to generate rss feeds. ( can download for free ,just google ) 
Once signed up you take all of your urls (including fan
pages, twitter, scribd etc) and add them before generating
your rss feed.

Once the feed has been created you need to submit
that rss feed url to the following rss directories:
Now you have submitted your feeds, the feed will now be
syndicated and you will now get free syndicated links!!
this rss technique has been used  for years and it still work
great and even post panda and penguin it's 100%
google friendly.... 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Maximize the Feature of GSA Search Engine Ranker -

The  Following  will clear  up doubts  for  some GSA  Search Engine Ranker User .
The GSA  Search Engine Ranker is Far  More Powerful  and is definitely  a Worthy Software  for all 
Internet Marketer .

User will almost have New Update every week to their purchase , now  is  almost version at 4.6 and still improving...
Before posting your question on the GSA Forum please make sure to search this FAQ with CTRL+F or even better: read through it. That will save everybodys time. Thanks in advance.

Do I need Private Proxies?
You don’t NEED them, but it makes things a lot faster and some people want to stay anonymous. Also, it is highly recommended to use proxies for everyone who has a VPS. Your account could get banned after your provider received too many complaints about the IP. 

What are good proxy providers?
I just wrote down the most mentioned proxy providers in the GSA threads:
Squidproxies, Proxy Hub, BuyProxies 

Do I need a VPS?
No! But note, usually you want to run the software 24/7 with a fast internet connection.

What are good VPS providers?
The developer recommends PowerUpHosting, there is a special discount for GSA users. Another often mentioned and cheaper VPS provider is Berman hosting.

What about Captchas?
A lot of people are using a software like Captcha Sniper or Captcha Infinity and an online service like DeathByCaptcha or ShaniBPO as backup. If you use Captcha Sniper and don't know what settings you should use please check DavidA2's thread about that. 

What should I consider when using email accounts?
Make sure the program can access the pop3 server for checking emails. Also check that you don't delete emails in your email client once it logs into the server. All emails should be in your inbox and none should be saved in “Spam/Junk”.
Here is the solution for Hotmail accounts: 
Hotmail Inbox Everything

You should check from time to time, if you’re email has been blacklisted and if that’s the case exchange it with a new one.

Why does GSA ignore my PR filters?
Uncheck “Also analyse and post to competitors backlinks” and “Use URLs from global sites lists if enabled”.

Can the software handle input text in other languages than English?
The software can handle all UTF-8 characters (which includes nearly all known characters). Before submission the content is encoded to a format which works for the site. Sometimes you will still see display errors, but that is a problem of the site that can’t handle encoding correctly

How can I post to .gov, .edu, .de, .es etc. only?
Go to "Skip sites where the following words appear in the URL/domain" and
add an exclamation mark followed by the domain ending. So for posting only to .edu sites you’d add !.edu
Please note to enter all "white listed" domains in one line like "!.edu !.gov !.gsa" and not one in each line.

Where can I find a decent badwords list?
You can put a badwords list together yourself using sites like Wordpress Spam Words andSwearword Dictionary or you use lists posted by users, e.g. s4nt0s one or the one from GlobalGoogler.

What are the different colors for?
Green = submitting
Blue= verification
Orange = searching for new targets
Red = something is wrong (not used for now)

How can I display the diagram?
Right-click on a project, select Show URLs -> Submitted or Verified -> Stats -> Diagram.
Or with Right-click on a project -> Show Diagram/Chart

How can I turn off the popups?
There are 2 Options that are causing popups. Follow these steps:

Project Options -> If a form field can't be filled (like category) -> Choose Random
Options -> Captcha -> Uncheck “Finally ask user if everything else fails (else the submission is skipped)”

I don’t want that GSA places my link at the end of the articles, how can I change that?
Insert <a href="%url%">%anchor_text%</a> at the place you want to have your URL + Anchortext.

Why doesn’t GSA post articles on wiki sites?
According to Sven wiki article links are gone way sooner than links in the about section. He said there might be an option for changing that later. 

How to disable German and Polish engines?
Leave the respective fields blank and check “Uncheck Engines with empty fields”, or right-click on the field and choose “Disable Engines that use this”.

Is there a way to retrieve user account login details, e.g. account name + password of Web 2.0s?
Edit/Double Click Project -> Tools -> Export -> Account Data

What is the difference between "Delete URL Cache" and "Delete History Cache"?
Delete Cache - Click this only if you have e.g. imported a wrong target URL list or think you want to clear the URLs that a previous search task found.

Delete History - Click this if you..
a) want to submit to sites that you previously skipped (e.g. you didn't want to enter captchas back than but want to do now)
b) think it found sites in the past that it skipped but are now supported by e.g. new added engines
c) think it found sites in the past and somehow your internet connection blocked it to get sent to (proxy issue e.g.)

Can I use GSA for building links to my moneysite?
There are a lot of different opinions on that topic. If you set up the program correctly with strict filters, good content (best manual spun) and only for certain types of platforms, there shouldn’t be problems. Keep in mind that it always depends on the person who uses such a powerful tool like GSA.

Can I set the software to build backlinks in drip feed mode?
Project Options -> Pause the project after XX submissions or verifications for XX minutes/days.
So you could setup to post 10 links a day with:
Pause project after 10 verifications for 1440 minutes/1 day.

How long does it take to verify my submissions?
It can take up to 5 days until a submission is checked. Be patient.

Why are there more verified than submitted links?
If a submitted URL timed out (to many unsuccessful checks) it will be removed, so the number of submitted links can decrease and is sometimes lower than the number of verified links.

GSA suddenly finds a lot less new links to post to than the days before. Why is that?
Wait a few days to see if this is just a temporary problem. After that it most likely ran out of keywords. Try adding more keywords and choose some new search engines to scrape from.

Today I got XY submitted and YY verified... is this normal?
How should we know? When you are saying that you are 10 mph fast and asking if thats normal how should anyone know if you are driving a car, bicycle or a skateboard for

There are so many factors that play a role. It’s impossible to give an answer to that question with so little information.
We need to know the

Number of

  • Projects
  • URLs you are processing
  • Search engines you selected
  • Keywords you entered

Also, what

  • types of sites you selected
  • kind of filters you use (OBL, PR,…)
  • is the Processor power of PC you are running on
  • is the RAM of PC you are running on
  • speed your internet connection has

And how long you already have been running the project.

I’m getting a lot of download failed errors. How can I fix it?
Check if GSA is blocked by a Firewall or Antivirus software. Another reason can be bad proxies, often public ones. Try without or choose other/private proxies to check if it works better then.

What placeholders are available for the fields?
%NAME% - will be replaced with the a random users name
%EMAIL% - will be replaced with the a random email (auto generated)
%WEBSITE% - will be replaced with the users website url
%BLOGURL% - will be replaced with the target url you are about to submit to
%BLOGTITLE% - will be replaced with the page title of the target site
%keyword% - uses random keyword from project settings
%spinfile-% - takes a random line in that file
%source_url% - referrer page
%targeturl% - same as %blogurl%
%targethost% - just the http://www.domain.com without a path
%random_email% - same as %email%
%random--% - a random number between min and max
%spinfolder-% - takes content of a random file in that folder
%file-% - takes content of that file
%url_domain% - just the domain name of your url
%url% - your url
%?????% anything from the project input boxes e.g. %anchor_text% or %website_title%
or %description_250% ...
special variables for blogs:
%meta_keyword% - takes a keyword from target meta tags
%blog_title% - same as %blogtitle%
special variables for image commenting:
%image_title% - the name of the image you comment on (sometimes it is sadly the
filename only as some webmasters don't set a title)

How can I add new engines without updating the whole software?
Right-click on a running Project -> Modify Project -> Use New Engines 

How can I backup my projects?
Select the Projects you want to backup -> Right-click -> Modify -> Backup

Can I run two instances of my copy at the same time?
No. Please support the developers and buy another version.
It is already very cheap, some would say too cheap, so don’t try to do some shady tricks.

Is GSA better than Scrapebox?
This question can’t be answered, because both tools are different in most parts.
Scrapebox is basically a Link Harvester + Blog Commenter and GSA Search Engine Ranker is an Automatic Backlinking tool with lots of different backlink sources.
A good idea is to combine the strengths of both tools.

How to combine Scrapebox and GSA?
You can use Scrapebox for harvesting URLs with GSA footprints. I extracted the footprints with the tool posted by s4nt0s.
Put in your keyword list into Scrapebox -> click on the “M” -> load the list with GSA footprints. Now you can harvest the URLs with Scrapebox.
After that you can use the Scrapebox filter functions, like “Remove duplicate URLs” and filter for PR.
Now you have your own list, that you can use with GSA. See next Q&A.

You can scrape for a specific platform by:
Using the platform footprint in GSA SER:
Options > Advanced > Tools > Search Online for URLs > [Select Platform]
Add the footprints into Scrapbox, and scrape. Then just import those target URLs into GSA SER, and it will use these to post to.

How can I use GSA as posting tool for my own list?
Uncheck all search engines, uncheck “Also analyse and post to competitors backlinks”, uncheck “Use URLs from global sites lists if enabled”.
Right-click on the project and click "Import Target URLs".

Written by Erbsensuppe 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Mobile and Social Networks Emerging Trend

How  Social Media   and Mobile technologies  are changing the  way  people  interact  with brands.

Today  both  Consumers  and Marketers  are  increasingly   surfing  information  and  connecting  with each other  through  the technological platform  .They blog  and  are  quick to share their  views  especially  with easy access  from  their  Mobile  gadgets  and Smartphones   .The mobile technology  has brought  forth a  revolutionary transformation in the way we communicate with each other.

Successful  enterprises   and marketers must therefore  find  new strategies to engage  to consumers  ,the  requirement   to remain innovative and ahead of the latest trends has encouraged brands to implement mobile applications and online platforms more and more.

Download Free  Report 
New technologies that are frequently being used by  people  to communicate like sms  ,tweeting  and micro blogging  while  on the move will be of utmost  significance for enhancing your brand’s interaction with consumers, especially when you are looking to achieve a ‘cool’  technological effect  for the user. Consumers are savvier  nowadays  and they prefer to  use interactive  technologies  which  enhanced their profile  in front of their friends and associates     
Therefore businesses   will  need to understand  the  urgency  to use   mobile initiatives  and social networking  to engage with consumers as  it  will lead to improved sales  and important  customer feedback.
How  do you harness the power of social media  and mobile interactivity  to its  fullest potential ?

Mobile Social Media Intelligence Outlook

Mobile  Social  Media Intelligence  report  will  give a brief insight  with simple stats  of the rapid growing  market of   social networking  thru  such Mobile  gadgets  together    with  Web  based social  networking sites   and  provide  an overview of the emerging  Mobile  Social media Platform    

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Power SEO Ranker Complement to Google White Hat Backlinking Methods

Is the Panda or Penguin destroying your websites?

Remember the good old days when backlinking was as easy as:
·         Blog Commenting
·         Social Bookmarking
·         Building Simple Linkwheels with sites like Squidoo and Hubpages
·         Submitting Your RSS Feed To Directories
·         Creating Profiles on High PR Community Sites
·         Mass Submission To Article Sites & Blog Networks  
But then  
 GOOGLE  GAVE  A  BIG  SLAP ,and  CHANGE  ITS ALGORITHM and  starts to change  the Serach  Engine Ranking  system with  new factors  which may cause the following :-  

·         Blog Commenting may get overrun  by spamming software
·         Social Bookmarking has high  possibility   to get slapped for being a numbers game due to automation
·         Linkwheels chances  of getting slapped  is very high for being too obviously self serving
·         RSS Feed Directories may also  get  slapped for being link farms 
·         High PR Profile Backlinking became a victim of it's own problematic  rise
·         Article Sites & Blog Networks is  being strongly monitored and  also will most  probably  to  get  slapped as having predictable footprints

Thus  meeting all Online Marketers  SEO goals though backlinking has never been more challenging than before , or even  more necessary...A lot of marketers  have started using expensive monthly services that promise to build up to  thousands backlinks every month using  all kind of  backlinking  methods, bet even these SEO services are having more and more trouble keeping the backlinks indexed so that their customers get the results they expect. 

Power SEO Ranker

The Whole Scenario   has therefore brings us around to asking the question that so many marketers  are struggling with right now:
"What should online Marketer   do about backlinking for SEO when even the SEO professionals are banging  their head against  the  Wall  in frustration?"

Staying current enough with Google New   updates to do your backlinking is a tough job  and marketers  are still looking for the best solution to  keep their  product pages  or   main sites up to date with Google  acceptable content  while moving ahead with your new projects.

Fortunately, it isn't as hopeless as it sounds.  Allow us to let you in on a little secret:
Google wants what Google has always wanted!  
They've just gotten constantly better at filtering out what they don't want!
Google wants backlinks as part of unique content and social media & bookmarking involvement that shows interaction with your site and your content across multiple channels.  And they  want Marketer  to respect  more White Hat SERP

Which we all know is actually not at all realistic either.

The answer to this dilemma?

Let Us Do It For You With


Power SEO Ranker

Google has now made it almost impossible to build back links manually, With the recent Panda and Penguin updates it now makes it very time consuming and  if marketers  have  to build high quality, relevant , page rank baclink it would take you months to build just 1 profitable website especially  if they  insist  to use blackhat  method
This is why 95% of people are failing building an online business, they are not doing things the white hat preferred method.

Why White-That Methods Will Bring You More Profits!

Our Software gives Google exactly what they want so that you can rank on page once and never have to worry about being knocked out of your search engine ranking again.

There are only a few ways left to rank your websites higher in the search engines!

This has made the process simpler to understand because there is only one way left go!

Power SEO Ranker, white-hat Software will help You build the following back links from:

-          Relevant Forums
-          Relevant Blogs
-          Relevant Competitors Back Links
-          Relevant Edu & Gov Links
-          Relevant Squidoo Lenses
-          Relevant Wikipedia Pages

This Method Strengthens Your website and Increases Your Traffic to feed the Panda and Penguin Increases Your Traffic to feed the Panda and Penguin So That You’ve giving them the right back links.

These methods will build and secure your Websites Ranking for the long term!

If you are tired of getting slapped around by Google then scroll down and buy power SEO Ranker to start Building a long term Profitable business.

Increase Traffic Now With
Power SEO Ranker!

The Most Powerful Back Linking Software on The Internet Today!

A New Secret Weapon

You do Not start building High quality relevant back Link You will continue to struggle building a solid online business for you and your clients.

Start Winning the Battle and stop Worrying about having your website knocked out of their ranking again!

The  PowerSEO Ranker  includes parts of each and every one of the methods listed above, but structured to be truly without footprint to avoid the dreaded slap.  
And since there is no discernible pattern, the risk of deindexing is little to nothing.  Our automation techniques are so unique that even the creators of the tools used aren't aware of them.  
Nothing about this service is the least bit Black Hat.  It is designed to mimic truly organic growth of content and backlink syndication.